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Individual Stemless Glass with Cement Base

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This year, own the holiday season.

Experience Style and Function

We transform natural and industrial materials into modern designs that people will use and enjoy. Our products are the perfect accompaniment to home and patio decor, but beyond aesthetics, our products were designed with function in mind. Place any of our cement items in the freezer or oven to use as a hot or cold stone!

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"Two of my favorite items are my Wine Chiller and Serving Tray. Everyone must own at least one of these items. Hours before your guests arrive place in the freezer. When it's time to serve a bottle of your favorite white wine or Prosecco, place the concrete block on the table, and put the bottle in it. Simple as that, and the wine chiller does not sweat. Keeps white wine chilled for hours without refrigerating..."

Catherine Dilworth

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