About Us

Poured in Port is a multigenerational family run business initially involving Nicole Ferreira, Kathy Howarth, and Anita Madigan. The three of us have a passion for being creative, doing it ourselves and scouring the world for inspirational materials. We took on many projects, some successful and some not so much. Nicole still has the remnants of a quilt tucked away somewhere…  

When Nicole was on maternity leave, the three of us thought it would be fun to pick a project, and rather than make something for ourselves, we would participate in a craft show. Fun right? The first hurdle was narrowing down our options. In hindsight, our decision-making process was often somewhat influenced by our other passions – getting together and enjoying some well- deserved wine. Good thing Kevin Morris came into the picture and helped us focus! Between Kevin and more importantly the wine, we found a hit – wine accessories!

We started off by creating cement bases for decanters and stemless wine glasses. Our products evolved to include various cement items and wood accompaniments including flights (beer and wine) and trays – all made by Kevin from recycled pallets off of our family farm.

A couple of craft shows have turned into various artesian shops and now online! We feel so supported by all of our stores and repeat customers! And, we can’t talk about our journey and our lovely community, without mentioning those from our namesake – Port Stanley. You’d be hard pressed to find a more loyal and supportive bunch!

The demand for our products has exceeded our ability to work out of our shop. So much so, that now we have moulds for our cement items and have outsourced our woodworking to local Mennonites. It is always hard to turn over production to someone else. However, we are incredibly pleased with the quality pieces that these small, local producers are making for us.

We can’t wait to see where our journey takes us and what creations are to come!  


Poured in Port  - Kathy Howarth, Kevin Morris and Nicole Ferreira